End of Month is Over, Go Build Relationships with Potential New Hires

Ah, the 1st of the month.  I don’t have to stay in the office until 10pm today.


As you go through the normal routine following the end of the month, do not miss out on the opportunity to communicate with potential new hires.  Remember, they went through the end of the month just as you and their calendars have finally cleared out just like yours.  Now is a good time to meet people face-to-face.  Build on the relationships that have already been created.  Go create new relationships.  With the volume of work within the industry now, recruiting needs to remain a major priority, whether to increase your bench strength, or adding new positions.

Quick Tips:

  • Get personal – pick a meeting environment that is quiet.  Don’t meet at the local coffee shop during rush hour.
  • Expand your reach – whether in new markets or related industries.
  • Strive to create at least one new relationship at the beginning of each month.

There isn’t a perfect science to when you can best recruit top talent, but why miss out on an opportunity when things are calmer than the “end of month”.

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Written by The Staff at Anderson|Biro

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